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Display Last Updated: 3/31/2015 2:55:45 PM
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Total Current Incidents: 8
Date Time Type Location City/County Roadway Status
03/31/2015 02:43:22 PM Vehicle Accident-Property Damage 95/AUTO SHOW; UNK DIR HENDERSON Possible Delays
03/31/2015 02:41:03 PM Vehicle Accident-Property Damage 15/SAHARA; NB SO LAS VEGAS Possible Delays
03/31/2015 02:37:11 PM Motorist Assist IR15 10MM NB JEAN Possible Delays
03/31/2015 02:22:44 PM Motorist Assist US93 29LN SB ALAMO Possible Delays
03/31/2015 02:19:57 PM Vehicle Accident-Injury 95/CASINO CENTER; SB LAS VEGAS Possible Delays
03/31/2015 02:16:38 PM Motorist Assist IR80 261MM WB; ON RAMP EUREAKA CTY Possible Delays
03/31/2015 02:10:21 PM Direct Traffic 828/COTTONWOOD FERNLEY Possible Delays
03/30/2015 09:29:19 AM Vehicle Accident-Fatal IR80 227MM WB BATTLE MOUNTAIN Possible Delays